Hey there~ I'm Alyssa. I love soccer, singing, and I'm tired of tumblr themes. Oh. And I'm a college freshman, which I guess is slightly important information.

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I made this out of sheer boredom.
And you are...?


Day 38.

My strong desire to make miserable people not miserable anymore is just so ridiculous and probably not a good thing? 

Day 28.

As much as I’d like to, I haven’t changed. Not one bit. I should be ashamed of myself for continuing to be so selfish and making life difficult for everyone.

Day 16.

Kind of unrelated. But. To the people that go to restaurants right before closing to happily order food that we already put away, causing every worker to put their lives further on hold and take everything back out because you all just had to have your late-night snack of bacon cheeseburgers: pleeeeease… don’t do that. :(

Day 10.

Me: There's nothing to eat. I guess I'll have these frozen chicken breast things.

Mom: It's Friday





Day 9.

I’m kind of wondering if me finishing a book for the first time in forever and actually playing my piano again has something to do with me not really going on tumblr?

Day 7.

Oh this really has nothing to do with lent so I’m probably breaking my tumblr fast, but Jason got me fancy prisma colored pencils and new headphones. Very good day~

Day 5.

Trying so hard to not scroll endlessly through my dash. Also, yesterday mom made me try this chocolate that I didn’t want. Like, if you expect me to willingly eat fancy boxes of chocolates odds are you don’t know me at all. But. Still counts. So I made Sarah the best haiku ever.

Day 3.

I am seriously only 3 days into this and have already lost 3 followers. What in the world, guys. I was offering you the chance to have a drawing or surprise message from me the next time I’m snacking on a Mr. Goodbar.

… Out of context that probably just made zero sense. Sorry ‘bout that.

Day 2. 

I bought a bag of M&Ms, so I was like “okay! I will offer these to one of the housekeepers! And then I ended up accidentally slamming the door in her face when I asked her a question. So instead I wrote Paige a super awesome poem. Yeahhh B)